A Vision of


Section 3 Films began in 2011 when Producer/Director AJ Martinson launched his first documentary “Two Lives Saved” about blindness in Ethiopia.

His vision was to create a company that stood by cinematic principles regardless of the format, from corporate video to documentaries to music videos to shorts and feature films.

Since then, his company has gone on to play critical creative and technical roles on hundred of commercials, documentaries and feature films. 

In 2015 AJ Wrote and Directed Cold War Spy Thriller Blackmark distributed by Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentDuring production, Section 3 Films scaled it’s workforce up to over 90+ actors, creatives and technicians all working to bring the film to light.

Since then, Section 3 Films has delivered over 14 hours of long form content that has been seen on Netflix, PBS, YouTube and on local distribution outlets all over the world.

Section 3 Films post division began in 2013 with reality show “Divine Intervention with Father Steve” and has since edited and delivered over 10 international commercials for Disney Consumer Licensed Products/Jakks Pacific as well as 12 hours of youtube interview content and 13 hours of long form documentary/ture-life content for Broadcast Television.

Over the next five years Section 3 Films hopes to expand it’s feature film library with several new titles in development, including alien abduction thriller “Dead Air” and WW2 epic “Escape”.


AJ as DP on Mona Lisa Myth
AJ Directing on the set of Blackmark