Feature Documentaries

From the jungles of Africa to the streets of London, Section 3 Films is at the forefront of cutting edge, award winning, and socially conscious broadcast documentaries that take on everything from blindness in Ethiopia to Leonardo DaVinci’s hidden masterpieces.


Our Unified Pipeline

In the Field

At Section 3 Films we believe in delivering high quality, cinematic documentaries.

Utilizing our in-house full service pipeline we are able to create custom production teams that fit within your budget and the scope of your production.

Weather you need a full crew compliment of 90+ people or a small run and gun unit or even a one-man band, we can put together the right team for the right job. We have the talent and resources to deliver stunning content that will take your documentary to the next level; on time and on budget.


Case Studies

The Mona Lisa Myth

During production on The Mona Lisa Myth Section 3 Films was called upon to film LA Unit pickups four months after the main unit returned from shooting in Italy.

We provided a full camera department for the one day shoot including steadicam operator and a grip and electric team.

Our footage not only exceeded the client’s expectations but we finished the day early and under budget.

Section 3 Films has since worked with Pantheon on several of their broadcast docs!

The End of Blindness

The End of Blindness was a very special production for Section 3 Film’s producer/director AJ Martinson III. He began his career creating documentaries in Ethiopia in 2016.

Understanding the cultural necessity for a small inconspicuous camera package, AJ outfitted a Sony A7sii with three light weight still lenses, a light weight stabilizer, a single LED light and a Rode Wireless kit.

With only these items, he was able to follow Dr. Samuel by himself into the heart of Ethiopia undisturbed and capture a stunning feature length documentary.

AJ as DP on Mona Lisa Myth