Short Film | Password: Piper | Premiering: Dances With Films, TCL Chinese Theater, July 29, 11:45PM

Piper Meets a Psychopath

Official Selection: Dances With Films 2024

Seeking a Platform for a Comedic Episodic Series

Piper Meets a Psychopath is a proof of concept for an episodic series featuring Piper’s misadventures.

Inspired by Nicole Elliott’s time as a young actress working in Hollywood, the series brings a light-hearted, off the wall, over the top approach to the dark and twisted underbelly of life in Los Angeles.

The show, like the short, could be described as “Scooby-Doo” meets “Always Sunny” and “Lizzy McGuire” with a “Black Mirror” twist.

Packaged in an affordable, easy to produce, “cartoon-strip” format, it would play perfectly as a half-hour comedy on streaming platforms such as Tubi, Freevee, Hulu etc.


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Piper the People Pleaser is having a blast bopping around town on her low stakes delivery job until one-day she crosses paths with an uncomfortably upbeat psychopath who just might be using her for nefarious errands in his evil business. Can Piper navigate this dangerous situation without sacrificing her hella chill lifestyle?

Vimeo Password: Piper

“A colorful, pointed, gloriously goofy comedic thriller.”

-Justin Harrison, Hyperreal Film Club